IB Requirements

Group 1 Language A: Language & Literature
(native language)
English HL
Group 2 Language B: Language Acquisition
(second language)
French HL or SL
Spanish HL or SL
Group 3 Individuals and Society
(Social Studies)
History HL
Psychology SL
Business Management HL or SL
Group 4 Experimental Sciences Physics HL or SL
Chemistry HL or SL
Biology HL or SL
Environmental Systems SL
Group 5 Mathematics Math Studies
SL Math (Previously called
Math Methods)
Group 6 The Arts & Electives Visual Arts HL or SL
Theatre Art HL or SL
Music HL or SL
Film Studies HL or SL
or a second subject from
Groups 2, 3, or 4. 
HL or SL

Successful IB Diploma Candidates need to accumulate 24 points in their six subjects and average a grade of 4 in their Higher Level courses (each IB course is graded on a 1-7 scale). In addition to their course work there are three other requirements to earn an IB Diploma. Candidates must investigate a topic of special interest and write about it in an Extended Essay, complete a self-designed extra-curricular program (CAS-Creativity, Activity, Service) as well as take a course in Theory of Knowledge (ToK). The Extended Essay and ToK course may contribute bonus points to the IB Diploma.

Check the course sequence within each department to determine eligibility for IB Courses. Students who do not take the full IB Diploma may be eligible for IB Certificates in one or more disciplines.


1 Credit
Every day full year
Pre-Requisite: IB Diploma Candidate

Theory of Knowledge is a unique course offered to I.B. students in the Senior year. The course is an important component in providing a holistic education to students in the I.B. Program. The purpose of "Theory of Knowledge" is to explore the ways in which different disciplines search for truth. Students will be asked to reflect critically on the subjects they have already encountered in their school experience with an eye to understanding the fundamental concepts of the various disciplines and their validity. This approach helps students to analyze and integrate knowledge that they have already gained.

IB Extended Essay
Pre-Requisite: IB Diploma Candidate
No credit Pass/Fail
The Extended Essay is an independent study project completed by I.B. Diploma candidates by February of their senior year. This work is done under the supervision of a teacher-mentor and may be done in any of the I.B. subject area courses (whether or not South Side offers them). All topics must be approved by the I.B. Coordinator before the essay is begun.

Pre-Requisite: IB Diploma Candidate
No credit Pass/Fail
CAS is a required component of the IB Diploma Program. It involves those learning experiences undertaken by IB Diploma Candidates outside of the classroom under the general headings of Creativity (e.g. engagement in the arts, designing and implementing service projects, etc), Activity (e.g. participation in athletics, dance, expeditions), and Service (community and social service activities). Students are expected to be involved in CAS activities for the equivalent of two or three hours a week over the two years of the Diploma Program. Working with the CAS Supervisor, the students will engage in systematic self-evaluation of their experiences.