Senior Quotation & Baby Picture

BABY PICTURE: (due no later than November 17th):

If you would like your baby picture to be in the yearbook, please use this link to submit your photo. This will help ensure that your baby picture is properly identified in the book.

SENIOR QUOTATION (due no later than November 17th):

The yearbook is an official publication of South Side High School. The Colonnade Yearbook Club maintains editorial control over its content. We reserve the right to exclude any quotations that violate the school’s Code of Conduct or are deemed to be inappropriate and unfit for publication. We do not accept self-quotations, students quoting other students, or anonymous quotations (unless the attribution is officially “anonymous”). Only quotations submitted electronically to will be accepted. Please follow the format below.

email SUBJECT: Sr. Quote

In the body of your email include:

Your Name: ____________________________________________________

Quotation: _____________________________________________________

Person who said quotation: ________________________________________

Please no pictures of quotes or memes. We need you to send it as text so we can copy, paste, and edit.